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Established in 1992, Wolar has remained a privately held company whose owners are located in the Houston, Texas area. Wolar's valued customers continue to support and purchase USA made RTJ gaskets.

Our gaskets are precisely machined to API and or OEM specifications on CNC equipment allowing repetitive quality machining through all processes. A computerized CMM (coordinate measuring machine) is used to assist quality control personnel in inspecting and generating customized inspection reports for the specialized OEM gaskets of our customers.

To assure our customer base that raw materials meet both API and OEM requirements, a PMI gun (Positive Material Identification) along with various Brinell and Rockwell Hardness Testers are used to inspect and accept incoming materials. The material hardness is crucial to assure a proper seal between gasket and ring groove. The material chemistry plays an important role in the corrosion resistance required of the gasket.

All carbon steel gaskets are Zinc plated in our very own plating line designed with the latest plating technology specifically for RTJ gaskets. Our facility is continually audited by all government agencies at City, State and Federal levels.

Wolar's uniqueness does not end there, we are also rubber coating our own BX and R type gaskets for hydro testing applications.

We do all this to assure you that Wolar makes a serious and continuous effort to supply you with the highest quality and service available in the World.

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Houston, Texas

Our manufacturing plant is located in Houston, Texas, covering 50,000 square feet dedicated solely to producing ring joint gaskets.

With a large manufacturing plant and an extensive inventory warehouse, Wolar is able to supply vast quantities of gaskets at a global level to meet customer demand.

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