First and foremost, I want to say how privileged and proud I am to have the opportunity to lead our company. In saying that, I am only one of the many leaders we have, hope to develop, and will add along the way.

One of my goals in life is to help others find fulfillment, unlock their passions, and discover their happiness. What better opportunity to do that than at work? My vision for Wolar is to accomplish truly exceptional work by focusing on the absolute core of our business, our people.

There are four essential tenets I believe will help guide us to achieving any goal, no matter how audacious, so long as we stay committed to these tenets and let nothing else take priority.

  • Finding inspiration
  • Staying productive
  • Feeling valued
  • Maintaining a sense of belonging

I promise to keep these four tenets at the forefront of my work so that every one of us can honestly say we love coming to work at Wolar.

Jorge Lara

Passionate people; exceptional service.
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